The silky effect from KaravanX Fotini Bagiorgou

Karavan is a state of mind. A Greek brand with signature patterns, vivid colors, matching accessories, which captivates us from the first moment.
The brand enhances their philosophy with meaningful collaborations that provides us an overall experience. Fotini Bagiorgou is one of the top dermatologist in town and with Marilou Katsoni and her Karavan girls teamed up and co-created the “Silky Collaboration”. Three products that help you on a beneficial sleep on a hot, humid days & protect your skin and hair from wrinkles and frizziness.

Karavan girls create are everywhere..enter their colorful way of life!!


Chiara Ferragni in Athens launching her nespresso products

Exclusively for Nespresso, Chiara Ferragni has imagined her own signature iced coffee recipe, combining her favourite iced espresso with a rich coconut flavour for a tropical summer twist.
Re-create this recipe at home and feel like Chiara.

Chiara Ferragni visited Athens in order to launch the limited edition products signed by the Italian fashion influencer. Her looks reminded us how much we adore her figure and her style!!


Rilastil is your ally for a perfect, smooth and clean skin

If your skin has dark spots and uneven skin tones…then Rilastil will become your best friend, since they have created a three step treatment that exfoliates, hydrates and brightens up your skin.

Rilastil D- Clar is an intensive shock treatment to contrast hyperchromia: sun spots, melasma, drug-induced or post-inflammation (acne) hyperpigmentation, as well as dull, uneven complexion.

Don’t forget to pack your favorite sun care products

You can also stay protected during the sunny days with the perfect complex named Sun System by Rilastil. This line offers to all skin types, including the most sensitive and delicate, a safe dermatological protection before, during and after the sun exposure, with innovative textures and last generation sun filters.


I want them all and i want them now!

We are so extatic with Versace’s new collection that we can’t decide which trend, motif or exclusive color is our favorite. New exclusive colors, prints and textures from the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 collection. We chose the color blast bags, which totally can be matched with every summer and spring look, with a way that we will make a statement as soon as we enter the “room”.

Steal the style, trends

Sorbet pastel tones for this summer

For every mood, for every style and hour, become a delicious treat for the others to see!

Who doesn’t love pastel tones trend? I am sure a couldn’t find a single person that would say no to sorbet colors. If you want to go for a bold and bright look, combine a few pastel shades together and pair your look with neutral accents. For example, mint blue, powder blue, or soft yellow look phenomenal paired with lavender or teal.


Greek statement shoes 👠

This luxury Greek brand has started her journey in the fashion world back at the 80s. Since then every season “Makris” shoe collection conquers our must have lists.
Either you are a man or a woman and you want to make a difference. This is your choice.

If you are up for some window shopping until the click away starts again, go to their concept store in Athens/Halandri in Andrea Papandreou 8 St. 

or visit their online shop

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Be a fabulous Snow White

Choosing white accessories and clothing during winter time, is the classiest way to shine and make a difference. Here are some ways to make you create memorable fashion moments.

Being white from head to toe

Combining white with off white

Choosing the right accessories

Puffer jacket or Jackie O coat

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Pulling of the necktie trend

Christian Dior’s fall collection has triggered our interest with this trend!

But don’t forget…the following ladies made the necktie the utlimate fashion accessory for every fashionista!

We first loved it on our favorite style icon Carrie Bradshaw

But this girl…gave the sexiest attitude to the neck tie trend, from the days that she played Serena Van der Woodsen till the movie “Simple Favor”.

This look is my favorite even though there is now tie…

If you believe that you can’t pull off this trend, then you can always choose a softer version of it. Choose a black ribbon and pair it with a tweeted suit or dress! Is this a yay or not?