A delicious treat for the Fall

Caramel apples

Few desserts are more closely associated with fall than caramel apples.  Tart, crisp apples and sweet, chewy caramel make such a delicious pair!  These classic fall treats are quite easy to make, and yield impressive results.  Dress up your caramel apples with chocolate, nuts, or small candies to create an extra beautiful and decadent dessert.


How to make caramel apples 

You’ll need…

Apples (most commonly, Granny Smith)

Wooden apple sticks (available at the craft store or grocery store)


Toppings such as chocolate (milk, dark or white), nuts, toffee bits, mini M&M;’s, or sprinkles.



1. Wash and dry apples. If you can use organic apples that is best. Traditional (non-organic) apples are coated with wax, which can make it hard for the caramel to stick to the apple. If your apples are waxed, dip apples in very hot water for just a few seconds, then rub off the wax the best you can.

2. Melt caramel in the top of a double boiler or melt caramel in a large, microwave-safe bowl, in short intervals, stirring occasionally.

3. While the caramel is melting, push wooden apple sticks into the apples.

4. Holding the stick, dip apples (one at a time) into the melted caramel. Allow excess caramel to drip off.

5. Set freshly dipped apple on a parchment-lined (or Silpat lined) baking sheet. After you dip a few apples, put freshly dipped apples in the refrigerator to help the caramel cool quickly.



If you’d like to dip your apple in nuts, mini chocolate chips, etc. do that before setting the apple onto the parchment.

Additionally, after the caramel apples have set up a bit, melt white, milk or dark chocolate and drizzle it on top of the apples. You may also top the chocolate with nuts or toffee bits or sprinkles.

Caramel apples are usually best the day they are made, but may be stored in the refrigerator up to two days.

Tip: It’s a nice idea for a gift to!

special thanks to http://www.glorioustreats.com/2011/10/how-to-make-gourmet-caramel-apples.html

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