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Put a ring on it

Express your sexuality with your hands 

Actually put more than one ring on it, put every single one you own on it. Pile them up, interlock them, match them, mismatch them – wear them on every finger, and at any point on your finger. It’s time to get creative with your jewellery and the way you wear your rings. Dainty just won’t do. And bling just isn’t in anymore. Yes, it’s about making a “statement” but not in the solo, one-piece sense.  This is about your jewellery working as part of a team to be at its most eye-catching: essentially, your fingers should be a glorious spread of molten, bejewelled and decorated fun, more a conversation starter than they have ever been before.

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Ankle socks in Winter

Put you socks on…embrace the schoolgirl style

Just take a look at The Row, Yohji Yamamoto, John Rocha, Stella McCartney, Band of Outsiders, Timo Weiland and Emporio Armani – they were all putting their best foot forward in tomboy flats.You can’t go wrong with plain black when it comes to the socks themselves. And this should be your go-to. But try out sheer black variations too, or those with a little (emphasis on little) or considered detail. Remember, the rule is to maintain a sense of sophistication.

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The amazing Greek brand strikes again

Seriously captivated from “Paranoia’s” Fall and Winter collection

For me it’s not something new, i met them 10 years ago and i fell instantly in love with the designs, the fabrics, tha quality and the way the “paranoia” clothing upgraded my body figure. Every year they take it a step forward and they enhance their clothing styles, you can find casual, chic, classy, hipster, boho designs, who have as their main goal to make the women feel beautiful, comfortable, sexy, self confident and ready to dazzle with their style attitude. In their AW2014/2015 collection we can see all the trends that are taking place in this season’s fashion. Knit, fringe, wool, leather, plaid, mixed patterns, denim, blazers, charming coats and dresses that hug your figure and highlight it. Take a look and get inspired.

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autumn 2014, Winter 2014/15

Crop top mania

How to wear your crop top now?

We’ve said it before and we still believe it! Crop tops is a trend which can be your favorite trend during the cold months of Fall and Winter. Check the following looks and start dressing up!

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Mismatched earring trend

Match them or seperate them

It has happen to all of us and sometimes it has been a way to flert with somebody. Wearing earrings is a fashion habit, which totally upgradesyour look and gives a hint of your personality. That’s why when we lose an earring, we act like a huge catastrophe took place. Dior has the medicine to this feeling, which is the mix and match trend. Don’t throw your singles ones way. If they are heavy, baroque style, wear them on their own and if they are medium size match them with an other single one. Let your imagination create the best combination!

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The fringe statement

Fringe up your look

Since you are fashion addicts it is sure that you already know until now the basic trends of this Fall and Winter. Although we top6trenders have the erge to enhance some of your knoledge. Let’s start with the fringe trend. You’ ve seen it everywear, fro

m the jackets to the skirts and from the shoes to the jewlery. The fringe effect has captured us. Take a look of some statement jewlery, such as fringe cuffs, fringe necklaces and fringe earrings.


trends, Winter 2014/15

Knit dress love

Chic- knitted outfits to warm yourself

It’s not a new trend but it is for sure one of our favorite, since in a weird way you feel sexy and relaxed while you wear them, as if you wear your boyfriends xl t shirt…and nothing else on the bottom. While knits are not a new trend for winter, this season knits have become a statement piece and they are more feminine and structured than ever. We’ve looked to the runways of Celine, Michael Kors, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Haider Ackermann and Calvin Klein Collection for inspiration on how to rock a head-to-toe knit look. Take a look of some of the best chic choices.



Steal the style

Bohemian chic-ness and more


Boho chic coats

Warm yourself with a stylish way

Mixed patterns and materials, faux-fur and ship jackets!


Theatrical bedrooms

Royal bed time stories

Dark shades, wallpapers, comfortable bed king size and buttoned cushions headboard. Patterned pillows, mirrors to your walls, interesting ceiling, heavy window curtaines and a patterned  carpet creates a homey atmoshere in a royal these kind of bedrooms can certainly inspire.

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Rihanna’s shoe persistence

Rihanna loves her Manolo’s

Either it is a red carpet moment, a regular shopping day, a basketball game or even a fashion show, this fashion icon can’t say no to the ankle-strap sandals, from the Chaos heels collection.

The classic shoe style, that Rihanna wears all the time flatters her and boosts her figure in a stylish way. No wonder why She has them in every color and as another Carrie Bradsaw she loves her Manolo’s.



“Happy” adidas clothing

Pharrell + adidas = success

We love the polka limited edition of adidas originals by Pharrell. Who wouldn’t want the superstar track jacket and the Stan Smith sneakers offered einai blue, red and black! Playful, stylish and so hot! We want them now!!

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Bohemian femme fatale

Wild and floral looks

Caroline Trentini and Charlie Hunnam “paint it wild” in the December issue of Vogue’s USA.