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Kendall’s secret for acne

Acne- fighting solution with products you already have

kendall jenner

One thing is for sure, acne ruins your self-esteem, that is why when you suffer from it, you are constantly anxious if it is going to appear again. Kendall Jenner suffered from acne, and now she decided to share a new video to the ‘KENDIY’ section.

kendall jenner skin To combat blemishes, she uses either Skinoren, acne skin cream, or a simple solution of lemon, baking soda and honey. According to the video, baking soda mixed with lemon has the ability to dry out pimples while honey soothes irritation. She stirs 1/2 teaspoon of squeezed lemon, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of honey into a well-mixed paste. Kendall then dabs it onto any problem areas and rinses off in ten minutes.


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The alternative leather jacket

It’s crazy, it’s fashionable, do it!

leather jacket with pins and patches

We have a feeling that a trend is rising at this moment. We all have a black leather jacket, since it is a must have in our wardrobe.

coach new york 2015

Now the little black leather jacket..has an 80s touch, with patches and pins. You can even do it yourself. So…check it out and find the one you like!


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Be fluffy…with the right pair

The fabulous trend of the fall 


A street statement look needs to be enhanced with the right pair of shoes. Since last fall, the fur shoes made theirselves clear that the would become major…now it is their time!

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How to style the BD jackets

More things to borrow…from your boyfriend 

oversized denim jacket asos

Oversized? Check! Denim jacket? Check! After the boyfriend jeans and shirts, the next boyfriend style is the denim jacket. What are you waiting for? Steal it from your mother, father, boyfriend and get ready for styling outfits!

B= boyfriend

D= denim

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The new Zara has landed

New image and concept for Zara 

It’s not as new as you think, but it renovated and the new Zara @ The Athens Mall is just amazing.

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Lucky charms 4 lucky girls

Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi’s new named Karlito 

cara delevigne

Maybe it is not so new trend, but we saw it and we loved it.

You can use it both ways, as a keychain and of course as a lucky charm as fashion icons already do.

Karlito was originally created in 2014.


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90s are back

The trends from the past..have arrived again!

Nine trends make a huge comeback. We already had the chance to buy some of them last year, but now they are ready to seduce us for one more time.

1. Backpacks 2. Choker 3. Calvin Klein underwear 4. Velvet clothing 5.Neutral colored mules 6. Mini textured skirts 7. Mom jeans 8. Button up overalls 9. Crop tops

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The flat-er…the better

In loafers we trust 

all time classic style

From all time classic looks to layering styles. Everyday looks for the fall with one of the statement shoes of the fall!

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Brush your teeth & dazzle with the whiteness

Ready for the glare smile? 

glaresmile colors

The first toothbrush that automatically ensures the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds, saving time, improving oral health. You can brush your teeth easier and in a more productive way. Did i mention that you can connect glaresmile to your smart phone, in order to check your children’s daily cleaning and also you can send the statistics to your dentist- now that is something new!



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Go crazy with the coloured shades

Enjoy the excellent vision with style 

60s shades

Coloured or shaded lenses have been on the market for quite some time. Fashion trends do drive this product and the palette available covers an impressive spectrum.

No longer do celebrities wear sunglasses that hide their beautiful eyes, but instead, they fly back to the trends of the 1960’s when John Lennon and Elton John wore vintage sunglasses with lightly colored tints. The vintage sunglasses look takes the idea of sunglasses hiding someone’s identity to look mysterious and brings it back to where it should be: a fashion statement through a groovy and fun look.

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Bomber jacket passion


From day to night, the bomber is your statement piece

olivia palermo

It is still on…and seriously you need one. You can find it in every budget. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired and ry to find the one that can be matched more with your clothes.

My personal favorite looks

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Cycle your clothes

Statement outfits with items you already own!

Keep it casual or keep it funky, it is time to recreate your wardrobe and your looks!

From bomber jackets to sheer clothing during the day and from the matching purse to your lips to the fedora hat!

From the classy off the shoulder to denim patch and from the choker obsession to the dress over the pants!

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Fragrance along 2 your sign

What perfume should you choose…to enhance your personality

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Gorgeous hair

Top products for amazing hair 

Besides using the rights shampoo and conditioner, you need to upgrade into getting the kind of bouncy, shiny tresses that turn heads on the street. You will need a full treatment that has to do with hair mask, living on conditioner, a mist to rehydrate, detangling spray, high gloss serum and more.

gorgeous hair

The above products can be found in Sephora