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Envelope midi skirts

Sexy and elegant combinations

We all remember the “envelop” mini skirts that  monopolized is threu summer and the fall. We still love the mini ones, but we an’t turn our back to the classic and stylish midi ones. Take a look of some of the following outfits that will be the next best thing for the winter and the upcoming spring season.


accessories, autumn 2014, fashion, style, Winter 2014/15

Parisian chic

Romantic and fashionable styles

Classy, sassy, provocative, elegant and romantic..! Plaid and woolen coats, fedora hats and french berets, all combined with it bags and heels. Steal the street styles that you can find in the Parisian streets.

autumn 2014, trends, Winter 2014/15

Military coats

Inspired styles for a military chic lady

The military coats and jackets are pieces that have their own personality and way to conquer out daily outfits. Recently celebs have been marching the streets in strong, structured military- inspired coats and it’s obvious why. These statements in outwear provide a sort of fashion armor and don’t necessarily have to be in green and khaki colors.

autumn 2014, Winter 2014/15

Red Valentino’s collection

Snow White’s romantic style

A modern fairy-tale is taking place in the fashion world. Snow White is the muse of Red Valentino’s collection. Chic details, fascinating shapes and charming combinations in a pin up concept.

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High waist pants

How to match your high waist pants

Different looks, from elegant to sporty chic and from casual chic to sophisticated looks! These pants are not thag suitable for bootylicious babes, but are more appropriate to thin figures. Style them up with crop tops, button down shirts, corset, crop sweaters, sneackers, statement necklaces, plaid shirts and if you want to make your legs look longer, combine them with black boots.

autumn 2014, fashion, trends, Winter 2014/15

Leather pants trend

How to wear your fab leather piece

Whether you enjoy to wear it with long sweaters and a pair of all star, or with booties and fur jackets, your leather pants can be mix and matched with every piece that you own in your wardrobe. It can be casual, it can be sexy, it’s your call!

accessories, autumn 2014, style, trends, Winter 2014/15

The man that knows exactly what women want

Dukas Chatzidoukas…this is a man’s world 


For this Fall and Winter Dukas is introducing to us “The Devilles”! His Haute Couture shoes, deemed luxurious and sexy, classified Dukas as a “subversive fetishist” by Vogue Italia. Check out the fashionable stiletto booties that are every women’s dream. As he quotes ” I always enjoy finding a little humor in fashion and Dukas certainly satisfies this humorous twist by replacing the traditional stiletto heel with a pair of fierce legs”.

autumn 2014, fashion, trends, Winter 2014/15

Celebrities love pullovers

Bold, creative, cozy and functional looks

This season we see the great return of this style to the catwalks and streets. We see lots of chic girls and ladies wearing this awesome top with fur vests or cropped leather jackets. There are plenty of luxe styles which can be paired with swingy skirts, skinnies and wide-leg trousers.

accessories, autumn 2014, style, trends, Winter 2014/15

Top accessories of the season

Trend alert in the world of accessories 

From louboutin heels, to fringe necklaces and from layering pendants to clutches withspikes. Leather backpacks and fringe buckets.

accessories, autumn 2014, Winter 2014/15

Overdo it with your jewlery

How to wear your rings, necklaces, bracelets…, keepers and loosers!

Chains, pendants, layering, leather, pearl, locks,  feathers and more trends are here for you. It’s time to get creative with your jewellery and the way you wear your rings and not only. Dainty just won’t do. And bling just isn’t in anymore. Yes, it’s about making a “statement” but not in the solo, one-piece sense. Personalize your style and be a combination between a bohemian and a elegant lady, who knows what she wears and why.  Play with the shapes and colours, mix silver  and gunmetal, have fun and update your image without even trying enough.




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Be a red queen

Red passion in our closet 

Gowns, pants, gloves, hats, sweaters in stripes, leather, plaid and velvet. Live with glam and style…by adding red in your life.

autumn 2014, style, Winter 2014/15

Looks for everyday

Be a 24/7 elegant, sporty, hipster, grungy, vintage or casual lady!

This time I want to draw your attention to women’s knitwear for this Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season. If you are looking for a knitted and comfy looks, then this collection is meant for you. This trend is uber great and cool, as we see awesome tops, jumpers, crewnecks, trendy graphic sweatshirts, sweaters and delicate crochet cardigans in luxe and cozy knits. There is no wonder why we see so many ladies who appear in the city streets wearing luxe layers in simple styles, including fluffy knits, classic supersoft cardigans and upgraded separates. Many brands and designers offer bold, embroidered details, luxe fabrics and embellished trims to update our outfits for the upcoming winter. I suggest you to take a closer view at the following knitted, slightly oversized and elongated looks which come in tight-fitted and body-flattering shapes.

autumn 2014, Beauty, Winter 2014/15

Bun hairstyles

Elegant and pretty at the same time

It’s an everyday hairstyle,that makes you feel beautiful, elegant and chic, without trying enough. The bun can be made from your ponytail, you just have to turn it around your rubber band. You can leave some hair in the front or you can just put them all in the back and use hairspray to for the final touch.


autumn 2014, collection, Winter 2014/15, women

Runaway looks

Sexy linzerie from our favorite Victoria Secret

So maybe you’ve had a peek at the wing fittings, gone behind-the-scenes at the rehearsals, and had a glimpse of the blinged-out scene backstage, but have you actually (drum roll please!) laid eyes on the 2014 Victoria’s Secret runway? Between bejeweled bodices, performances by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande,and a dynamic catwalk, the lingerie giants proved that smalls can certainly make for an impressive spectacular. Here, catch a first look at the most head-turning moments from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.



autumn 2014, Winter 2014/15, women

Bras with insanely backs

Sexy back..

A complete linzerie wardrobe includes both hardworking stables like an everyday nude bra as well as slightly impractical bits of pretty fluff like a lace-up buster. Brands like La Perla, Free People, Eberjey, For love and Lemons and Victoria’s Secret know how to upgrade our sexuality!!

autumn 2014, collection, fashion, trends, Winter 2014/15

The amazing Greek brand strikes again

Seriously captivated from “Paranoia’s” Fall and Winter collection

For me it’s not something new, i met them 10 years ago and i fell instantly in love with the designs, the fabrics, tha quality and the way the “paranoia” clothing upgraded my body figure. Every year they take it a step forward and they enhance their clothing styles, you can find casual, chic, classy, hipster, boho designs, who have as their main goal to make the women feel beautiful, comfortable, sexy, self confident and ready to dazzle with their style attitude. In their AW2014/2015 collection we can see all the trends that are taking place in this season’s fashion. Knit, fringe, wool, leather, plaid, mixed patterns, denim, blazers, charming coats and dresses that hug your figure and highlight it. Take a look and get inspired.

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autumn 2014, Winter 2014/15

Crop top mania

How to wear your crop top now?

We’ve said it before and we still believe it! Crop tops is a trend which can be your favorite trend during the cold months of Fall and Winter. Check the following looks and start dressing up!

accessories, autumn 2014, Jewlery, Winter 2014/15

The fringe statement

Fringe up your look

Since you are fashion addicts it is sure that you already know until now the basic trends of this Fall and Winter. Although we top6trenders have the erge to enhance some of your knoledge. Let’s start with the fringe trend. You’ ve seen it everywear, fro

m the jackets to the skirts and from the shoes to the jewlery. The fringe effect has captured us. Take a look of some statement jewlery, such as fringe cuffs, fringe necklaces and fringe earrings.


autumn 2014, collection, fashion, Winter 2014/15, women

Fashion diva design

Haute couture by Nicolas Zebran 

Elegance, style and glamour in high fashion. This ambitious Lebanese designer was haunted by art, fashion and design since his early ages and today he is hard working fashion designer who knows how to do his job. The label “Jebran”  is well know for its uniqueness, elegance, and beauty.