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Futuristic fashion

Back to the future..sit back, relax ans travel to the fashion of tomorow 

If you loved watching Star Wars, Avatar and the Avengers, then it is sure that you will love the following photos, who try to inform you about the futuristic effect. From cars and decoration designs, this style comes to conquer the fashion world. We use clothing as visual aid to express ourselves, to raise awareness, provoke action, and sometimes to condemn or support a cause. And it is with this intent to convey a message that fashion, socialism and politics collide – art imitating real life if you will. Here is a preview of what the future fashion trend forecast looks like for the 2015/2016 season. A dominant Futuristic Lifestyle influenced by the linear, galactic, edgy and dry desert aesthetics you will see in movies to be released in 2015/2016.

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Fluffy coats


Keep yourself warm and stylish with your duvet coat

In the new season designers are experimenting with volume of models of outerwear. After fluffy fur, a suitable tool for this was down that helped to implement a number of daring fantasies. Collection ofwomen’s down-padded coats 2015 are interesting and varied, many designers offer at least one model – their own vision of fashion air volume. Taking into account another trend – quilted materials, feminine down-padded coat is claiming its place among the must have items of a fashionable wardrobe.

Short and long down jackets are in fashion, but in this season they do not have anything to do with sports style. Designers include them in the modern classic, grunge and extravagant images that look unusual and fresh. For example, fine striped trousers and a long quilted vest of the same material.

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Minimalistic design coats

Unique, stylish  and oversized 

To be trendy is not to be foolishly adorned. Minimalistic design for coats is still in demand. It’s unique because of versatility and ready to make multifaceted looks.

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Military style…is a big yay for every season

It’s time to step in line as military hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. With khaki as the dominating color, the rules and rigor of the army captured designers  attention, inspiring a fashion soldier’s uniform of stricter silhouettes and structured looks. Dior, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Maxmara..and the rest of the fashion world endorced the khaki effect for one more season. We love this color, because it balances between  classsy and rock.

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Androgynous madness

Lady in… suit is dancing with me 

The theme of menswear in womenswear was quite the trend this September. Chanel–along with Public School, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander, and others–featured androgynous looks down the SS15 runway. The most notable “comme des garcons” look in the Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 collection was the masculine tweed suit as it was both quintessentially Chanel and 21st century at the same time.

In the Roaring Twenties, Coco Chanel brought the tweed suit to women as a means to liberate women’s bodies from the sartorial shackles of the time. By freeing women from the cage-like corset, she strove to encourage women to be more like men in dress and lifestyle. The masculine silhouette of the tweed suits in the SS15 collection is a clear allusion to this old school Chanel idea from the 20s, but not without its own contemporary spin. Whereas Coco Chanel’s suit jacket met at the waistline, Lagerfeld pulled the bottom of the suit jacket down several inches below the waist and widened the width of the pant leg. Such a move satisfies current style affinities since loose-fitting apparel has been quite the rage as of late.

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Celebs also prefer it cause its classy, strict and sexy

Check some designer styles

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Chalk and Talk

DIY ideas to style up your house

Wherever you go, either it is the new coffee place, or the house of your friend, you see this major trend to conquer their decoration style. Take a look of the following ideas, buy the blackboard color and start creating!

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The top 12 trends

The hot style tips for the Fall and Winter

These are the trends that won the mojority of votes. We start from the knit on knit trend, which was and is one of our favorite for this year.  The sweater meets the scarf styling trend, the blanket coat, the dress coat, the sparkly shoes, the clashing prints and personally my favorite, the shirtless suit look. Another huge trend which was big in my days as a little girl, is the skirt over the pants, and the all time classic choker necklace, which is from time to time in and out of fashion. Finally the fashionizers loved the shoulder grazing earrings, which are impressive and elegant at the same time. Imprint your personality in your wardrobe, by using your imagination..but please don’t overdo it!

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Formal style for New Year’s Eve

Red carpet gowns..from Pronovia

Spanish brand Pronovias very well knows how to attract the brides, and also the ladies who want to shine on the formal occasions. Sophisticated models of the collection Ceremony 2015 are combination of classic elegance and subtle glamour. Most of the gowns follow the line of the female body, and the minimal folds of the fabrics and shiny decorations give attractive texture. Among the gowns poke two goodly jumpsuits.

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Winter style looks

Be a “snow” queen of fashio-ville

Mix and match the trends of the season and create a stylish image, that keeps you at the same time warm and hot, as it shows your sexuality. Plaid shirts and scarves, sequins dresses, animal print patterns, furs, wool coats, long sweaters and vivid colors. Take your chance, and upgrade your style.

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Prefall outfits

Interesting Prefall looks 

Stripes, muted print, slit skirts, origami shapes, 60s and 70s style are some of the trends that are about to dictate the streets the next September.


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Eye capturing print tights

Fashionable designs for your legs 

These print tights feature trendy patterns and prints on high quality fashion tights and footless tights. The printed tights selection range from urban and symbols prints to floral and celebrity figures like Marilyn Monroe prints. Print tights are  a Must Have fashion accessory in any women wardrobe, their sexy and warm and a fashionable solution to upgrade any outfit!

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The man that knows exactly what women want

Dukas Chatzidoukas…this is a man’s world 


For this Fall and Winter Dukas is introducing to us “The Devilles”! His Haute Couture shoes, deemed luxurious and sexy, classified Dukas as a “subversive fetishist” by Vogue Italia. Check out the fashionable stiletto booties that are every women’s dream. As he quotes ” I always enjoy finding a little humor in fashion and Dukas certainly satisfies this humorous twist by replacing the traditional stiletto heel with a pair of fierce legs”.

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Paper & Paper Eyewear

Handmade glasses made in Spain 

After the wood effect in the eyewear fashion, the latest trend combines wood and paper. Unique glasses, in interesting designs that will certainly capture the sight of the others.  All types of paper used are applied by hand, this makes each frame unique and unrepeatable. It comprises of a collection of entirely handmade products. Check out and like the page on facebook

more info+30 6948485856

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Sparkle, sparkle little star

gold sequi

Sequin Holiday looks 

Why not sparkle along with the evening? There is no better time to pull out the sequins than on this ultimate celebratory holiday. With bright red lipstick and sky-high heels, you can sparkle beneath the disco ball until the wee hours of the morning in a sequined dress, skirt, or even trousers. Style down your party-ready sequins with basics in neutral colors and fabrics and you’ll be ready to go for whatever the year 2015 throws at you! Our favorite off-duty sequined looks include sparking pants with a white tee, a sequined shift dress with menswear oxford flats, or a shiny party skirt with a thin turtleneck sweater (to name a few!).

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Urban fashion looks for men

The London brand, Nicce came to stay!

If you want yourself this winter 2014-2015 season a real streetwear look, then I advice to take a look at this urban men garments collection made by NICCE. It’s a young streetwear brand, which was established midway through 2013. These clothes are made for people who want simple, no-fuss designs that will make them look modern, sporty and very masculine.

take a look


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Futuristic touch for the 2015 Fall

Geometrical inspiratiosn,  vivid colors, complex details from Fendi 

Karl Lagerfeld presents an awesome Fendi pre-Fall 2015 season’s collection. There is kind of retro futuristic touch what is seen through geometrics, furs, colorblocking and other high visual garments. What I love about the following looks is the complex details that are reworked in a simple outfits. Each look is not only desirable but commercially wearable. I love these feminine outfits that feature menswear tailoring details and flocculent, graphic touches. Speaking of fabrics, then we see tweed, herringbone, mink, fox, beaver, shearling, etc. I love the playful edgy twist that is seen in the showcased clothing and accessories.

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Celebrities love pullovers

Bold, creative, cozy and functional looks

This season we see the great return of this style to the catwalks and streets. We see lots of chic girls and ladies wearing this awesome top with fur vests or cropped leather jackets. There are plenty of luxe styles which can be paired with swingy skirts, skinnies and wide-leg trousers.

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“New technology meets the old world of fashion design”

Artistic clothing and thematic creations from “the next best thing” Greek brand 

The Fashion Lab is what it states: a fashion laboratory of clothing design experimentation. It is a fashion design student’s project on Textile Printed Design, who was influenced by the evolution of printed textile in England, wishing to bring the Digital Print philosophy to the Greek market. She presents it to the Creative Director & Sales Manager of the manufacturing company, who brings her experience in printed textile with international brands, and they share the same vision of creativity. That’s how two friends decide to start experimenting in their own fashion laboratory, The Fashion Lab.

Visit the site

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Ho ho ho…decorate your beard!

Christmas up your hipster beard 

The ugly Christmas sweater has met its match in the tacky holiday season fashion trend department: the decked-out hipster beard, dubiously strung with miniature lights and baubles. Creative duo Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford came up with an eye-catching holiday idea for advertising agency Grey London by creating Beard Baubles, miniature Christmas decorations for men to string up in their bountiful beards, with profits going to This Is Beard Season, an Australian melanoma charity. The improbable baubles, which went on sale last week, struck joy in hipster hearts, selling out in a few days. Veronique Rhys-Evans of Grey London told me in an email that they have no intention of reissuing the baubles, although a few limited edition packs are currently up for auction on ebay.


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