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Top 6 Asos pieces

The best selling statement items  

1.Velvet boots



2. Gingham shirt


3. Padded jacket


4. Posh padded long jacket


5. See through dress


6. Calvin Klein comeback

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White…is back for this winter

Do you have white leggings?

The answer has to be positive, since it is a rising trend…to all the yoga lovers out there. The athleisure brand Alo released a white legging collection and the celebs got made..with it. So don’t be suprised if you see them out there.

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Cherry ladies…need cherry boxes

The Winter box has everything 

cherrybox winter

Thank you for this special gift. 7 products, 5 in regular size and 2 in travel size. Products that have been selected as the best ones of each kind.  You will find KYANA hair mask 250 ml, Fouka mountain bloom organic serum oil 30 ml, Fouka eye cream 30 ml, Bargello perfume 50 ml, Waterproof gel lip liner, The olive sense soap and a metallic red nail polish by Korres.

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6 Trends to follow

Be inspiring…and create fashion  

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Dress and feel like a New Yorker

A fabulous city…for cosmo girls!

The key is to be bold and edgy. Nothing is too much here, if you can make it your own. Monochrome outfits, blending prints, vivid colors, extra large accessories and mast have pieces create the portfolio of a New Yorker. If you are serious in becoming one, check some of the best street style looks and do it!!

A song is needed now


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Me and my monkey

Fashionable inspirations for the year 

It’s not only we and our monkeys, but for this year, monkeys have inspired designers all over the world, since according to China (Happy new year by the way)and the Chinese zodiac, those born in the year of the monkey are mischievous, clever and stylish. Check out some of the finest inspirations and let yourself decide if you will own something with donkey kong on it.

We couldn’t talk for the monkeys and not recall this song

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Trends to consider

Nice, easy and stylish 

  1. Dress over pants

2. Culottes everywear

3. Flared crop pants

4. Skinny scarf

5. Box shaped handbags

7. Bell-sleeve blouse

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Embroidered bomber jackets

The trend piece that you must own 

This style of jacket has been making quite the statement in recent collections and street style imagery alike.There is something special about this jacket that we can’t quite put our finger on. The thing with this statement piece, is that it is at the same time embroidered but sporty to! It comes in many colors and you can match it from day to night!

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Style tips to look like a blogger

What to do to play with fashion and own it

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The boilersuit style

Work yourself up with a boilersuit 

Vogue wrote and we need to adopt it. This from neck to ankle trend is our choice in our difficult winter days, where we can’t to decide what to wear. It comes in many colors and it will be major trend dring Spring days to.

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The next best thing in the sneaker world

Bye Bye Stan Smith’s, hello Nike Cortez

It is understandable that fashion makes cycles, after the huge comeback of the Stan Smith’s, now according to Vogue we have another one, which are the Nike Cortez. You can style them in the exact same way, as you did with your favorite pair of adidas shoes. Think out of the box and mix and match. They come to many colors, and they start from 70$.

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Ladies in red

The lovely and glamorous Christmas color is everywhere!!

From bows to lips, from dresses to sweaters and from nails to oversized coats. Give a touch of glam in your holiday looks!

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How to style the blanket- coat

Interesting picks to make you get inspired

Tip: Play with your clothes, change the way the should look…be more creative and own every piece like it was made only for you!

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Deco ideas

The trends…in the home styling 

Modern touch, wtih a classic twist. Vivid colors, velvet fabricks and geometrical or face paintings are some of the trends that are happening this season. Get inspired and feel the euphoria of your new rooms.

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Do it like a blogger

The hot trends universally 

The following looks are an inspiration on how to create unique outfits that are universally pleasing to a number of disparate crowds at parties. From statement boots to easy sweater-and-jeans combinations, these gals officially have it in the bag.

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Soft clothes…volume 1

Feel me…i’m soft!

H&M grey mohair

Mohair, cashmere, furry, fluffy, suede, velvet and more soft wear are our favorite choise to dress up for this Winter. Cozy sweater, pants and dresses, filled with softiness, are made for loving them! So, what are you waiting…go out and find the best soft pieces that are in the market. Start with the mainstream clothing by H&M and Zara and continue to brands, like Ralph Lauren and more.


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How to do the 70s look

The pieces to style up a 70 look

  1. Chunky heels
  2. The cross front blouse
  3. The flared jeans
  4. Chunky belts
  5. Slip dress
  6. Denim jacket
  7. Suede boots
  8. Carefree hair
  9. Tassels
  10. Hats and accessories
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The body..suit’s you better

From casual to pret a porter looks