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Stirrup pants

The fashion influencers say YES to this trend 

A resurrected ’80s trend, stirrup pants are equal parts punchy and practical. We can honestly say that if you wear them with pointed heels, it gives you a leg lengthening effect. If your cause is to draw a little more attention, then wear them with the brightest colors.

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Socks and heels…yes please!

Rising and comfy trend…how to pull it off?

It’s not a new trend, but seriously it starts gaining more and more followers each day. From fishnet to sheer socks and from wool to sporty ones, we just love them. If you try it, keep it simple or make the exaggeration to the fullest.


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The nude pump love

The “it” shoe every girl should have 


Since i saw them i had to find where i can get them! Check the ultimate velvet pump by Jimmy Choo. If you want something different there are always more to search…check out the Louboutins and the Olivia Dominique.

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We are so amused with this “socking” trend

You can match them perfectly with sneakers for more grungy- chic look , but you can also add it as a sexy- girly accessory with heels and sandals.

From sheer ankle socks in every design, polka, stripes, black, white and more, to socks with patches, glitter socks and knitted to style with every outfit!

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The “it” bridal shoes


Statement bride to be shoes for 2016

The theme of your wedding isn’t something that has to match your shoes. The cinderella shoe has to be the one that expresses you, since it encloses your personality. My personal fav are the Jimmy Choo ones.

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Luxurious and playful collection

Exclusive designs from the one and only Sophia Webster

loren, adeline and skye

Sophia Webster this Spring is taking us under water with signature silhouettes decorated in vibrant energetic prints. Artistic designs, chunky platforms, soft- pastel coloured gems and mermaid influences, co- created an amazing collection.

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Feel beautiful be beautiful

Be confident and irresistable 


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Shoes to wear

Five styles you will wear for sure

  1. Fashion sneakers
  2. Mules
  3. Rope heels
  4. Platforms
  5. Western inspired shoes
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Ladies in red

The lovely and glamorous Christmas color is everywhere!!

From bows to lips, from dresses to sweaters and from nails to oversized coats. Give a touch of glam in your holiday looks!

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How to do the 70s look

The pieces to style up a 70 look

  1. Chunky heels
  2. The cross front blouse
  3. The flared jeans
  4. Chunky belts
  5. Slip dress
  6. Denim jacket
  7. Suede boots
  8. Carefree hair
  9. Tassels
  10. Hats and accessories
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Shine in every step

Metallic pleated we’re talking Christmas 

pleated metallic christmas

Festive, stylish and shiny skirts in every length, mini, midi and maxi. Give a twist in your Christmas outfits and feel just fabulous!

2know You can even match it with your sneakers and a sweater if you want to make it more casual.

Find some amazing metallic pleated skirts here


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Style your leather skirt

Pencil, short and pleated…they are all needed!

From sporty chic to sexy outfits, that totally show your feminine side, and remind you somthing from th catwoman. Check some of the hot mix and match that you can create furing the following fall months.


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1,2,3.. your look is upgraded

10 ways to change your look instantly 


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Put a dot on you

The polka dot trend comes bigger

From jumpsuits to dresses the polka dot is a major trend, which covers tour body from head to toes. Romantic style with see-through details tha make your outfit look awesome.

Mix and match large dots with t-shirts that also have a pattern, with lace crop tops, or with classic shirts.

Accessories also have some dot inside them. Inspirational and charming designs that provoke you to add them in your closet!



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“Pump” your outfits with Makis Kotris

The greek designer, that understands woman’s fashion needs 

Shoes are the piece that complete our everyday outfits and for sure can upgrade a look or destroy it. Makis Kotris is a greek designer, who feels that needs of the woman of today. From slip on sneakers in different designs, that are the answer to a casual chic outfit, to sexy strap sandals, who are the latest trend in the runaways.

Colorful and inspirational designs, for every woman. Pumps with polka dots and floral pattern, are the perfect match for an everyday lookm, that includes a pair of jeans and oversized shirt.

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Distressed looks

Jeans, pants, shorts, jumpsuits…take a number

1. A distressed baggy jean looks great with a pair of neon heels, or nude and a signigicant envelope bag.

2. The tunic shirts that are half tucked in look amazing with black distressed pants and not only. They are a nice and easy solution to be at the same time elegant and sexy.

3. Tha flats look great with skinny distressed jeans, which you can match them with shirts. Remember we love white…because it is classy and glowing!

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Water in love

Enjoy the amazing Louboutin collection

For the lady out there who sees heels as more than something you put on, but rather a part of who you are, our Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook is just for you. Shot by photographer Peter Lippmann, Water in Love suggests that one should never take off their Louboutins – even in the bath.Uniting a spectrum of references, colours, and textures, featuring elegant fringing, bejewelled beauty, and aquatic themes throughout, the collection draws inspiration across culture, from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to the art and architecture of the American Southwest. And with the debut of all-new technical innovations like a wavy “Mirage” stiletto, a seductive cutaway toe, and just a bit of borrowing from the boys, the question you’ll be asking yourself this spring won’t be what to wear – but when to take it off.

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Take a hint of the Autumn collection

louboutin 2015 autumn