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Rainy day style

When street style meets haute couture 

We all had our rainy days in our mood, but when we really have them there is no reason not to enjoy them and do your best for your looks. Trench coats, rubber boots, oversized coats, leather jackets, knitted hats and of course umbrellas.

Our fav accessories 

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Statement coats of Blake Lavely

Patterns coats that kick off

The gossip girl is still a huge fashion icon. She knows what to wear and how to wear it. She is a fashion goddess. Even when she was pregnant she rocked with her amazingly stylish outfits.

Every celebrity has a fasiom forte, Olivia Palermo has her belts, Emma Stone has her ankle boots and our it girl has coat. Which are suiting with the weather.

So take a look and get inspired.




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Winter “hot” outfits

Men that charm us with their style

Winter is actually a great time to step up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different pieces of your wardrobe. From hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters, you have many items at your disposal. Enjoy the following outfits to help you pin up your style.

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The sexy short hair

The newest celebrity hair trend, “the wob”

Blond, red or brunette, the short wavy haircut is on for the season. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Sienna Miller and Emma Stone already said “i do”.

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Devil wears…fashion trend!

Dress up like a fashion editor but save your money at the same time

Women need to change and enhance their wardrobe, but they all don’t have the way to do it. Thankfully there are some clothing brands that can make our dream looks to come true, by spending money that even a student can afford.


Any street style addict knows that fashion editors and bloggers have the ultimate look, and every shot worths alot of copy paste looks. And while it’s fun to admire their constant stream of fabulous outfits, sometimes looking from afar just isn’t enough. Sometimes, we want to take cues from these ladies and infuse their sense of style into our own wardrobes. The problem? We’re not all given access to the latest designer pieces and—even if we were—we don’t all have the budget to scoop them up. That’s when a gal’s gotta be resourceful.


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Snow…white looks

The classic white color conquers our wardrobe 

If you haven’t already ditched the “no white in winter” style rule by now, today’s outfit inspiration will certainly test your rebellious side. By mixing different shades of cream and white, you can create a look that’s crisp, clean, and cool.

We said it before, we are highlighting it now again…white jeans are hot for the winter!

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Superbowl outfits for the girls

Make your jersey…look sexy and stylish 

If you want to become the MVP of the fashion team, then you have to own one Sports Jersey. You can even steal it from your boyfriend, using as an excuse that you want to feel him all the time. That’s a good one, do it wwith every t-shirt that you love. So, having it is only the tip of the iceberg, styling it is what you need to know. We spotted some of the best outfits and we are proudly presenting them to you. Copy, paste…as you please, only do it with style and atittude.


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Bang-ing hair

Bang bang girls 

Check out the best haircuts with bangs. Celebrities dare to do it, why not you? Bangs are sexy, stylish , fabulous and just perfect either you have long, or short hair, either you have straight or curly. Get inspired and find the look you want, based on the features of your face.





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Flashy metallic flats

How to kick of amazing outfits

From iridescent sneakers, to silver brogues and loafers, flashy finishes are giving manly shoes a fun finish. It’s what you need to become a cool and stylish girl!

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Make your wardrobe more valuable

It-pieces that upgrade your style

Our latest sneaky trick to up the presumed value of your winter outfit: textured coats. Whether its a delightful faux fur or a luxurious camel coat, or a feather- embroidered number, a coat with a little something extra looks more expensive than its unembellished counterparts.


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Warm and stylish looks for the January

Bundled up outfits to keep you warm and stylish in every weather mood

January is the month of freezing, but just because it is, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style. Choose wool coats, knitted sweaters, oversized chunky pullovers, cardigans long or short, bomber jackets, shearling coats and so much more. Try them!


It-items for the season

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Inspiring outfits

Choose color for your winter looks

Say yes to the colorful outgits in a way that this month will pass easily and with a very stylish way. From brightly hued bags that offset a neutral look to statement-making jackets and coats.

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Top working outfits

Sexy and elegant work-looks



Modern women spend much time at work, if you want to succeed you should of course have the proper degrees and the image that shows confidence and capacity to create and manage significant projects.


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3 must have shoes

The 2015 shoe styles

Flat mules, white sneackers and platforms are the hits for this year. Comfortable, chic and elegant mules are easy to wear form day to night, from job to date. Stay away from the skinny stiletos (at least don’t wear them everyday), and say yes to chunky- heeled platforms or flatforms. Simplicity is the new elegance, so white sneackers are considered to be the best buy for 2015.

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Black magic

The ultra classic and elegant trend

Check the black trends for the winter season. It’s all black to me, black midi skirt, black pants, black wedges, black shoes, black dress, black jeans, black heels and…white attitude.

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Sophisticated, elegant and provocative trend

Faux fur shearling coats…the stylish hairy coat that keeps you warm

It’s a huge trend, even though it adds volume to your body, at the same time it captures the sights, as it is something classy and different, which for sure keeps you warm. You can find it in different colors, but the best one is the chic white. It’s a piece that can be wore in every occasion.

A small taste from the Spring collection

spring faux shearling coat

Even the baby girls can be as stylish as their mommy is…

faux baby