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Hairstyles for the season

Get inspired from everyday looks

From low and high ponytails, to straight hair and from buzzcuts to fancy hair accessories. Tha pastel hues play their part in our hair, since we all witness a color splash happening up there. Ribbons, chokers and headbands help you give a romantic touch in your style!

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Spring nail stories

Pastel colors and twisted french manicure 

bohemian touch

Spring needs flowers and your nails do so. Inspirational flower bomb stories in your hands, geometrical shapes in classic tones and pastel colors mix and matched. One thing is for sure…the crazier tha better, tink out of the box and let your nails do the talk!

Gold nails…are hot for the summer, add a tiara and you will feel like a princess!

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The coolest wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses are a thing..try them

Today’s top wedding designers—including Oscar de la Renta, Austin Scarlett, and Christian Siriano—are constantly sending short dresses down the runways at Bridal Fashion Week, and they look every bit as festive, appropriate, and special as their floor-length counterparts.

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Steal the style

Seven outfits for every day of the week 

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Add orange shots in your style

It’s all orange to me

Make sure you inject some orange into your wardrobe, the color is making a serious mark on the runway!

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What a fashion girl’s car should have

Ten things that you need in your car 

A fashion girl needs to be prepared for every occasion. From the chloe ribbon to add romance in your hairstyling, to a pair of flats and sneakers to rest your feet. A mini steamer to avoid wrinkles in your dress and a picnic blanket to have fun with your loved one.

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Scandinavian interior style

Be minimal, be stylish 

scandinavian interior

The simplicity that runs in the scandinavian style houses, is something that everyone would be jealous of. White and black details, white walls, clear lined furniture, geometrical influences, soft splases of color, floor rug and greenery touches in your space.

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Best coachella looks

Inspiring outfits for the upcoming summer

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Healthy, hippie meals

Less than 30 minutes meals 

See more details about the recipes here

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The Coachella trends

The fashion and music festival strikes again 

Think out of the box and style like a boho-girl!

coachella 2

Do it like a mermaid! Tha rainbow hair from Kylie Jenner. The rainbow effect is already in fashion for the last months. This trend conquers our hair to!

The forehead bling obsession! Add summer glow on your face and feel like a real bohemian girl!

The best hair we saw in Coachella! Braids, bandanas, top knots and waves!

The bohemian princess Alessandra Ambrosio wears the ultimate trend, crochet!

alessandra ambrosio the coachella princess

Wonder patterns and colors matching

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Street style in NY

Fancy an easy and stylish way to conquer the streets 

From red on red to white colars and from puffy sleeves to stripes and the proper accessories to upgrade your street style.

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Bohemian touches

Style like a boho girl 

From long patterned dresses to swimsuits as a top and from eye let clothing to amazing sandals from the greek Elina Linardaki!

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Create memories with luxury scents

Meet the unique Sandrine & Jo fragrances 

body wash and body lotion

The special with Sandrine and Jo’s collection is that each scent has its own personality. Hand-poured candles, made from 100% top-quality natural soya, gently release a delicate fragrance to lift your spirits and change your mood in 1,2,3. A scent has the magical touch and make your feel better, calmer, cleaner and fresher.

The collections you can choose from are Dusk to Dawn and Greek Country Side. The Dusk to Dawn carry a mystical scent, along with a romantic sunset touch. You can choose from the summerish Ocean Breeze, the fresh Pure Vanilla, the calm Sandalwood mystery, the revitalising Cinnamon & Cedarwood and the “stress fade away” White Tea & Ginger. The Greek Countryside carry a mysterious and inspiring aroma. You can choose from the goddish Faskomilo, the soar Giasemi, the gentle Levanda, the refreshing Portokalia and the devine Rodon.

body wash and bath towels

You can find them in Bed&Bath and also in exclusive pharmacy stores. If you want to purchase them in an alternative easy way then you can order them with a call, and the products will show in your doorstep with the delivery service.

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Meet the new Stan Smith’s

Baby we are addicted to them 

Adidas Originals has just made available a new perforated version of the Stan Smith. The classic low-tops have been done up in leather, featuring notable perforations throughout. It comes in both tonal black and white versions.

Find them


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Artistic lights by Adidas Originals

Rita Ora’s new collection

asian style rita ora

A vibrant apparel and footwear range that includes the ZX Flux, Tubular Defiant and more.

Vivid colors and music are the main inspirations of this collection. Skinny pencil skirts and leggings make use of the allover prints or feature cutaway sections instead, while shorts sport clear nylon overlays. Multicolored patterns, like if you are participating in the Color day festival. You can find them in the stores from the 1st of April.

See the 26 products here

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Baroque architecture

Concept bags from Konstantin Kofta 

The Arxi collection S/S 16

Natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures. Baroque architecture inspiration where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration was transferred to sculptural leather Kofta pieces to evoke sensual delight.

The Drama collection F/W 16-17

Time is elusive and irrevocable: the flower than won’ t be smelled again; the animal that won’ t be seen by the next generations; the work of a genius that was washed away by the time. Natural creations are disappearing, slipping away and we are not in power to return it.

See more here

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Upcycled greek accessories

“Salty bags”, handmade stories that sail to us from Corfu 

kimolos backpack boops

Many questions are raised from this inspiration that has been created from three young greeks, Stratis Andreadis, Spyros Daikos, Chryssa Chalikiopoulou. The three very talented people decided to sail their way in fashion. Recycled sails are turned into unique fashion items, that carry their story, since they are made from sailcloth that has traveled around the world. Each cloth that has been used in these unique bags, has it’s story and when the bag arrives to us, there is a book inside which inform us about the journey of our special piece. You can find a variety of collections, such as psarou, classic, boops, overcast and the Road 2 Rio (inspiration from Rio 2016).

Inspiration, imagination , creation are the main cornestones for upcycling. In order to tranform something you have to love it and the three “sailors” love to create magnificent accessories.