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Feel beautiful be beautiful

Be confident and irresistable 


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Backless loafers

How to style your loafers

The latest shoe trend of the bunch that we think you should get your hands on? Backless loafers. They are chic and comfortable and have fashion girl vibes.

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Huge off the shoulder trend

Bare your shoulders

We spotted this trend since last year. The it girls all around the social media world entered in their wardrobe off the shoulder dresses, blouses and shirts. From beach-to-bar outfits. Whether you pair yours with high-waisted trousers, a mid-length skirt or opt for a white eyelet dress! Embrace it!

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Bangs for every shape

Bang your hair…along with your head shape 

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Zara’s yeezy boost suggestion

Zara knocked off Kanye West’s sneakers

zara yeezy boost

Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost footwear collection with Adidas has been enjoying brisk sales. As the coveted footwear worn by celebrities, it’s not surprising to find rip-offs and fake versions of Yeezy Boost on eBay on the cheap. However, Zara’s exact copy of the shoes is reportedly upsetting some Yeezy footwear enthusiasts.


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Trends to consider

Nice, easy and stylish 

  1. Dress over pants

2. Culottes everywear

3. Flared crop pants

4. Skinny scarf

5. Box shaped handbags

7. Bell-sleeve blouse

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Embroidered bomber jackets

The trend piece that you must own 

This style of jacket has been making quite the statement in recent collections and street style imagery alike.There is something special about this jacket that we can’t quite put our finger on. The thing with this statement piece, is that it is at the same time embroidered but sporty to! It comes in many colors and you can match it from day to night!

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Shoes to wear

Five styles you will wear for sure

  1. Fashion sneakers
  2. Mules
  3. Rope heels
  4. Platforms
  5. Western inspired shoes
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Style tips to look like a blogger

What to do to play with fashion and own it

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The boilersuit style

Work yourself up with a boilersuit 

Vogue wrote and we need to adopt it. This from neck to ankle trend is our choice in our difficult winter days, where we can’t to decide what to wear. It comes in many colors and it will be major trend dring Spring days to.

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The next best thing in the sneaker world

Bye Bye Stan Smith’s, hello Nike Cortez

It is understandable that fashion makes cycles, after the huge comeback of the Stan Smith’s, now according to Vogue we have another one, which are the Nike Cortez. You can style them in the exact same way, as you did with your favorite pair of adidas shoes. Think out of the box and mix and match. They come to many colors, and they start from 70$.

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A perfect touch for you

Beauty that lasts with permanent touches 

The beauty expert we trust, Anna Albani, “A perfect touch” is a place where dreams can happen. All women can be beautiful if they meet the right person that will upgrade their natural beauty and make them believe and feel it. Anna is a nail artist and her designs have graced the covers of Vogue, Elle and Life&Style Greece as well as countless fashion editorials.

A Toronto girl that conquered Greece with her beauty tips and the techniques that she brought there. Her passion is teaching and every course she starts is always sold out. Anna is trained in make-up, micro-pigmentation, waxing, spray tanning, hair and eyelash extensions. She and her husband Angelo are the founders of the largest chain of nail salons in Greece NYXI-NYXI .

Treat your senses and feel like a princess, with new eye brows, fluffy lashes and so many more health and beauty evolving tips.

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Solo’s magnificent textiles

A greek brand that entered dynamically in the furniture world 

Transformative constructions and designs, a fashionable twist to everything you know. It’s modern, it’s unique, it’s greek. Be inspired and upgrade your house-styling with creative touches from SOLO.

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The new case and Beyonce

Light me up with Ty lite

Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, has just the ticket – his own self-designed Ty-Lite phone case. The phone case basically uses the same principle as those  iconic Hollywood mirrors with lightbulbs all around them, but unlike the mirrors, it’s got a clever twist. You can set the lights to cool, warm or brilliant, depending on what your selfie needs. And in case you were wondering, yes, the case will still protect your phone from damage.

Where to buy it

Steal the style

How to hide pad lines

Stylish ways to hide 

  1. dresses
  2. Boyfriend jeans
  3. Printed pants
  4. Flannel Shirt
  5. Sweatpants
  6. Skirts
  7. Dark Washed jeans

8. Thick leggings

9. Tights underneath jeans

10. The magical spandex

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The madness yeezy collection

Kanyne’s newest Yeezy Boost 350 from adidas 

As soon as these fellas popped out, everyone wanted to own them. The sneaker culture is still on fire and the West- Kardashian couple knows how to make money from it.

Top news

Mrs. West herself confirmed that new colors are indeed coming, which means the hype will begin all over again. Based on their popularity in the past, the Yeezy Boost in these new colors will definitely get some heads turning, wallets opening, credit cards swiping, and inevitably, people crying.


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Bette Midler feeling comfy with Marc

The new face of Marc Jacobs 

The Spring- Summer collection gets fond from Bette Midler. “What a privilege it is to know your heroes,” Marc Jacobs wrote in an Instagram post on Friday morning to announce Bette Midler as the latest face of his Spring-Summer campaign. Judging from the exuberant expression on her face, it seems that the Divine Miss M feels the same way.

marc jacobs bette midler

“To this day, I still credit Bette Midler (unbeknownst to her) with a large part of my foray into fashion design,” Jacobs continued in his post. “At age ten when I discovered the image drawn by Richard Amsel for her album cover, I was so instantly enamored by the silhouetted Bette in a black dress wearing platform sandals with a wedge of red curly hair that I recreated it on the back of a jean jacket with acrylic paint and embroidery floss and proudly wore it to school.”