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Light a candle with a little secret inside…

Life is so much better with candles, since every moment has it’s own fragrance. You are going to need a different scent to relax, a different to soak in the bath, or to read your favorite book, or to cook and a different one whenever you want to set a romantic tone.

The interesting thing about these candles is that when they burn soya creme is created, which you can use to massage and moisture your hands and other parts of your body. The aroma that travels in the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. You can find 8 new soy candle experiences in the basic collection and in the moisturizing, who is enhanced with almond and coconut oil. Each candle lasts for 40 hours.

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Live-Love- Spray

Meet the new white musk from Body Shop 

Enjoy the 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free musk, with White Musk L’eau range. For a pure fragrance, try our White Musk® L’eau EDT, sweetened with notes of pear for a deliciously fruity layer that fits effortlessly with the iconic floral blend lily of the valley, jasmine and rose essence.

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How “good girl” are you?

Dare to seduce the others?Try the CH new perfume 


This state of art perfume, wins us at the exact moment we start holding it in our hands. An innovative olfactory creation, where the floral brightness of tuberose and jasmine contrast with the intense and mysterious sensuality of roasted Tonka beans. Stay still…spray once and that’s it!

It’s scent forces you to be good at being bad…because the sexuality that it encloses, gives every woman the opportunity to show their real self.


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Our top fragrances of all time

Create your signigicant scent with the best ones 

An amazing collection of artistic and significant fragrances that certaintly have an haute couture touch.

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Fragrance along 2 your sign

What perfume should you choose…to enhance your personality

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No ordinary soaps for special occasions

Handmade ideas for smelly favors 

Ast products strike again with wonderfully smelling products that you can use for favors in baptisms and weddings.

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Create memories with luxury scents

Meet the unique Sandrine & Jo fragrances 

body wash and body lotion

The special with Sandrine and Jo’s collection is that each scent has its own personality. Hand-poured candles, made from 100% top-quality natural soya, gently release a delicate fragrance to lift your spirits and change your mood in 1,2,3. A scent has the magical touch and make your feel better, calmer, cleaner and fresher.

The collections you can choose from are Dusk to Dawn and Greek Country Side. The Dusk to Dawn carry a mystical scent, along with a romantic sunset touch. You can choose from the summerish Ocean Breeze, the fresh Pure Vanilla, the calm Sandalwood mystery, the revitalising Cinnamon & Cedarwood and the “stress fade away” White Tea & Ginger. The Greek Countryside carry a mysterious and inspiring aroma. You can choose from the goddish Faskomilo, the soar Giasemi, the gentle Levanda, the refreshing Portokalia and the devine Rodon.

body wash and bath towels

You can find them in Bed&Bath and also in exclusive pharmacy stores. If you want to purchase them in an alternative easy way then you can order them with a call, and the products will show in your doorstep with the delivery service.

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Cherry ladies…need cherry boxes

The Winter box has everything 

cherrybox winter

Thank you for this special gift. 7 products, 5 in regular size and 2 in travel size. Products that have been selected as the best ones of each kind.  You will find KYANA hair mask 250 ml, Fouka mountain bloom organic serum oil 30 ml, Fouka eye cream 30 ml, Bargello perfume 50 ml, Waterproof gel lip liner, The olive sense soap and a metallic red nail polish by Korres.

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Smell your memories

The Perfume lab opened in Pagrati 

Every day has it’s own smell, so when you look back you will definitely recall the memory of the moment that passed. In The Perfume Lab you can discover a different proposal of the world fragrances. The quality and the lasting perfumes that are created here are familiar to us, since they play an imitation game with well known perfumes around the world. The bottles used are filled once, in order to ensure that the scent of the perfume will last until the last spray.

The stylish packages reflect the care at every stage of production, from the essence to the box! You can find more than 200 fragrances for women and over 150 for men. We have to add here that all of them belong to the eau de parfum category,and are produced through processes and specificationsthat ensure endurance, preparation accuracy and safety.

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Soapy Christmas stories

I believe in this amazing “choco-factory”

Our favorite products, show us what they are capable for…and that is to create amazing and one of a kind things. This time, the not at all ordinary soaps, are designed in order to be given as a special Christmas gift to our beloved ones. Soapy houses made from glykerine and winter fragrances, are your answer to a special gift. What are you waiting for…let your self to the magical hands of the AST products, which are handmade natural body products that are maid with attention to detail and quality.

2 know It’s all about design, chemistry and quality, that is why Ast products aren’t at all ordinary. The pharmacist Asterios Asteriou treats our senses with the best organic and natural way.

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Nature in your home

Handmade home perfume, ideal to make as feel calm and clean
It’s all about design, chemistry and quality, that is why Ast products aren’t at all ordinary. The pharmacist Asterios Asteriou treats our senses with the best organic and natural way. It is sure, that as soon as you test the Ast products on your body, you will become a huge fan, since they moisturize and soften our skin, and at the same time leaves a fresh, unique and special scent.

Home products
Besides the body and face products, Ast created home products. Three different products-codes. The first one is obsolete wood with black candle and it looks like an old flask in a chemistry lab. The second one is more romantic, with blackboard paint and white candle. The third one is the more industrial, with a touch of rust in the wood.

The above are home perfumes with clean cotton fragrance that last for 6 to 8 months, in order to keep you home fresh and clean! At the same time the enhance the scent and the style of your home. They are made
of wood and look like a rust industrial and vintage instrument from a pharmacy lab.

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Ast products …nothing ordinary to them

Quality handmade organic soaps 

A one of a kind greek brand which is entitled to offer us the proper beauty tips, to regenerate our skin with an organic and a natural way. AST products are no ordinary soaps, they are handmade natural body products that are maid with attention to detail and quality. They are rich in olive and almond oil and as soon as your skin comes in contact with them you feel how smooth it becomes and as the scent unfolds…you relax and enjoy it. We have to highlight that AST products  are suitable for every skin type and are made with non- toxic fragrances or colours.

Extra tip: AST products are the perfect gift idea for men and for women.

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Delicious nice-smelling gifts

Stylish beauty products 

With every new holiday comes a dizzying number of ways to give gifts: You can go the under-$50 route, give something weirdly specific, or choose a totally experimental present. But for the person in your life who loves to look (and smell) good, a gift from the beauty department will do the trick. The Cut combed through countless beauty products to bring you 29 of the most unique gifts for this season. They’ll enable your gift recipient to wear Balenciaga in the bath, smell like pumpkin spice the Hermès way(yes, it’s possible), and shine without sequins.


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Philosykos, an haute perfume

An irresistable scent


An eau de perfume which you can’t forget, because it captures your nose instantly. It stands out for the combination of Fig leaves, wood and white cedar. The famous fig tree comes in a different guise, less fruity and warmed till white-hot by a mist of cedar. It costs $140(75ml).

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Five fragrances to wear in-trending 5

The signature scent 4 beauty junkies
Seems like the minute we think we’ve found The One, a newer, crisper, sexier scent comes along. Our solution? Embrace the ever-changing perfume landscape and spritz freely. We’ve sniffed out a few of our favorite options—both old and new—sure to leave you smelling divine. A spray or two of these perfumes, and you’ll make a statement without uttering a syllable. Take a look to the 5 top scents and please do dare to try them!!