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Dream an elephant

From beds duvet covers to fancy accessories 

boho elephant

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New age watch

How to celebrities style their apple watch 

i watch

Everyone from Vogue editor Anna Wintour and supermodel Karlie Kloss to Katy Perry have been spotted wearing their apple watch. It has become a trend, since it combines the high technology with “something old”, since it reminds us alot of the 80s retro watch collection. It is stylish, it is useful, it can be personalized…so it is up to you, take it or leave it!

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Retro trend

Vintage up your wrist 

retro digital watch look

Retro watches are having their moment since the last year. For sure we love to wear watches that are new and make a statement since they upgrade our style, but the following watches carry something from our childhood, or something that is familiar since we saw it in the 80s movies. So apart from the fact they’re being worn by street style stars, hipsters, and fashion bloggers, these versions have a different twist from the ones that ruled the 80s, but somehow they look better since they are styled with current pieces.



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Kate Spade’s accessories

Fashion and home accessories are waiting for you 

For the ones who don’t know, Kate Spade New York is an American fashion design house founded as Kate Spade Handbags in January 1993, by Kate Spade. The brand has shown a variety of pieces, from clothing which the last years, are firmly accespted, til jewlery and inspirational shoes. Check some of the following pieces, tha totally highlights the statement of the brand for men, women and our homes.