Top Netflix series

As we all #staysafe and are staying home, the numbers (15 million more) of Netflix subscribers have gone mad. Netflix is one of the rare companies benefiting from the global pandemic, which has kept billions of people at home with nothing to do but stream. Of course there are plenty of other things to do, but let’s be sincere this one is the easiest.

So let’s start my personal countdown


One of the series that seriously plays with your mind, since it opens your eyes to a world which a few of us, new that it existed out there. With a clear 8 on IMDB, Unorthodox is the story of a young Hasidic Jewish woman who flees from her life in Brooklyn, her community, and her arranged marriage to start anew in Berlin. The four-part series is based on Deborah Feldman’s memoir Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, and is Netflix’s first foray into Yiddish content (there are plenty more now). The show is a nuanced, thoughtful portrait of a community and what it means to be an individual within it. The cast’s wonderful performances make it a gripping watch from start to finish.


Yeah i know it only has 6.6 on IMDB and i know that it’s not the biography that you expected but for me it was intruding to discover where the truth and where the fiction is, so that is why i recommend. To give you more details the legendary psychologist is recast as a coke-fiend witch hunter who uses hypnosis to solve crimes in 19th-century Vienna. Whatever suppressed pulp instinct you might have during this time of world crisis, it probably gets some airtime during this show. Which makes the concept of a review irrelevant – you either have an appetite for this kind of mindless stew of drunk history or you don’t. And given the upside-down surreality of the real world right now, a coked-up Freud might be a deceptively hot ticket.


With 7.6 on IMDB and three seasons with 8 episodes in every season, Elite is a great way for you to spend your weekends. In the first season the question is who killed Marina, in the second season the question is the same, but now WE know but they don’t know. The third season is all about the circle that is about to close and killer that regrets, confesses and seeks for forgiveness. This is a teen drama that everyone is objectively attractive and extremely horny. There are throuples, couples, unrequited lovers, and practically just about every pairing or relationship you can imagine. And Elite isn’t afraid to show it either. Season 4 is also about to come and a new circle starts, as the cast partly changes.

From the 2019 and previous series, you have to definitely watch the true devastating story “When they see us”(8.9 on IMDB), Stranger things“(8.8 on IMDB) of course, “Black Mirror(8.8 on IMDB) which highlights how technology will effect and is effecting our lives and Dark (8.7 on IMDB), which has a supernatural twist and three seasons to solve the mystery of the family saga.

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Light a candle with a little secret inside…

Life is so much better with candles, since every moment has it’s own fragrance. You are going to need a different scent to relax, a different to soak in the bath, or to read your favorite book, or to cook and a different one whenever you want to set a romantic tone.

The interesting thing about these candles is that when they burn soya creme is created, which you can use to massage and moisture your hands and other parts of your body. The aroma that travels in the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. You can find 8 new soy candle experiences in the basic collection and in the moisturizing, who is enhanced with almond and coconut oil. Each candle lasts for 40 hours.

Order them online www.littlesecrets.gr

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Style your balcony

Top 6 tips to transform your home 

Add a carpet to your patio/ balcony

Create a small garden

Small and cute wooden table

Add lamps and candles

Small balcony ideas

Hanging chairs


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Postfolk digitally Handcrafted

Maria Olga Vlachou gives an artistic touch in our life 

The first thing i have to highlight here is that we are talking about a very talented greek designer, who combines traditional greek culture with digital designs. Art is life and that is something that all the art-aholics know. Simplicity and making a statement is all that we need in order to create a calm and beutiful environment.

Postfolk works to relocate these elements within a new visual context and physical form, most of all in the pure brilliant colors of silk-screen prints.

Now i have to thank her for trusting us with this amazing beach towel, which i could totally use it to decorate my walls.

Facebook page 



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Vintage inspired gadgets

A kitchen makeover please

Vintage inspired kitchens, with a retro touch and a 70s attitude are all we want in these days. That is why many modern manufacturers are creating incredible high-quality replicas and reproductions of your classic vintage favorites. From pink toasters to aqua ceramics, there’s something for every vintage lover on this list!


See more here

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Tropical touch

Eclectic style by H&M

Green, blue, citrus and pink — indulge in sparkling colours and bold prints for a look that proves that more is more.

Visit the site


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Vintage shots in your house

Home styling by yourself

When you like something, there is a way for you to create it- just imagine it!

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Ceramic small sky planter

Encourage greenery at home 

Potted plants commonly lose water through evaporation and drainage. The Boskke Sky Planter’s unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots.


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Say it with a lightbox

Start your day with a lovely message!


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Get inspired and diy

Top 6 creative christmas trees 


1. Our office tree! Christmas decorating becomes magical!
With The Vanishing Clip Decoration Command ™, your walls are full of possibilities!Thank you 3M!

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Jen’s House is just amazing

Zen and Bali in Aniston’s house in Beverly Hills 

jen's home

“The making of the house was as significant to me as the living in it,” the former friend quoted that and we definetely put our signature next to hers.

Jennifer Aniston collaborated with interior designer Stephen Shadley to transform a 1970 residence by Harold W. Levitt in Beverly Hills into an inviting retreat where she hosts frequent gatherings.

See more here http://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/jennifer-aniston-at-home-slideshow?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_712724&mbid=synd_zergnet#3

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Industrial homestyling

Interior lovers…your attention please

Warm metalls and 70 touches are some of the 2016 trends in homestyling, but industrial decor is one of our favorite style to use in your house.


For sure sometimes this style seems like our favorite cafeteria, or the dreamy New York loft that we always wanted, but industrial design is something more than that, it gives the opportunity to last decade pieces to be revitalized in a diy way.

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Upgrade your sleep

Headboard tricks to makeover your bedroom 

From modern geometrical touches to more industrial tips. Choose the one you like, get inspired and give it a try!

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Inpired by a ladder

Make a fashionable use of the ladders

Vintage shots in your homestyling. Be inspired and change your house in the most inspired and economic way.


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Spray it..to like it

Be bold…try gold

Want more sprayed objects?

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Deco styling

Colors and ideas to set a personality in your house

From rose tones to diy moments.

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Scandinavian interior style

Be minimal, be clear..be stylish 

scandinavian interior

The simplicity that runs in the scandinavian style houses, is something that everyone would be jealous of. White and black details, white walls, clear lined furniture, geometrical influences, soft splases of color, floor rug and greenery touches in your space.

Special thanks to http://stylecurator.com.au/13-ways-to-achieve-a-scandinavian-interior-style/

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Home styling volume 1

Meet “Pennie” a greek brand that monopolized me 


So since i am in a house hunting situation, i decided to find some home styles that will help me find the perfect house for me. In this search, i found how to “accessorize” my house with the perfect texiles, prints and more. Ready? You will find everything! Blankets, rugs, curtains, pouf, quilts, soaps, tailor made towels, sous plat and everything for your baby.

Check more https://pennie.gr/

Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pennieshops