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An 80 year old accessory

Say yes to an Hermes scarve 

Hermes’s printed silk scarves were first created in 1937.  They all have the same form—a 90-by-90-cm square, or foulard, if you will—however there have been over 1500 designs by 100 designers, making them as much a collector’s piece of art as an accessory. You can wear it as a stylish choker, on your hair to add a Jackie O look, or even as a belt to your favorite pants or jeans and of course on your bag.

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Sneak it up

Rihanna is luancing her second design with Puma 

puma rihana

The shoes are quite edgy, as Rihanna is, and come in three colors, black, red and white. Their basic characteristic- feature is the extra-high tongue that gives the shoes Rihanna’s signature.

If you check online you will see that they are already sold out!

Find them

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A make up line for it girls

Cosmetics and skin care collection by “Milk”

milk makeup

Maybe you are going to wonder who is “Milk” and why we need to know this new line. Milk, the bicoastal “cultural hub” and creative media company that works with fashion, music, photography and film clients. This brand  just launched a tangible version of what its vision of “cool” means. 85 new products are launched in and in

Milk girls are cool and do their make up quick, everything can be applied with bare fingers and every product can be carried in your bag. All of the products are “as natural as possible,” according to the team. The products themselves are inspired by art supplies and Muji, the beloved NYC art and stationery store. Prices range from $10 for blotting papers to $38 for facial oil.

You can find them in 50 Sephora stores on March 15.