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Parthenis meets Korres

A limited edition collaboration 

Two significant greek brands combine their stories and give color to our summer. Parthenis is a designer brand, which has it’s own personality and stands out for the style, the fabric, the chic touches and the fine lines of it’s collections. Korres is the cornestone of beauty in Greece, since hair, body and face care products are created with highly concentrated natural active ingredients.

The brands collaborated and created a summer kit, we can also call it beach bag, in which you can find the significant premium beach towel by Parthenis and many Korres Products, which are vivid for our skin and hair durinhg the summer.

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Happy to receive this beauty – box 

When gifts arrive at your doorstep, the only thing you can say is “aleluia” someone finally read my mind. When this box is filled with beauty treats, well then you are happier and more overwhelmed. Cherrybox is a global phenomenon, that is the answer in every woman’s prayers. We all have different needs and sometimes we overdo it when it comes to our looks and our beauty. We tend to buy stuff that are not the right for us, just because we saw a comercial. Cherrybox tests and thinks for us, before we do. Cherrybox conducts beauty investigations and makes some choices in products you have to use, or you have to know about them. That is the main philosofy of Cherrybox. So the only thing you can do is to become a member and every season, or every month to welcome at your doorstep small beauty trends, that are the next best thing in the cosmetic and beauty world. The box comes to you with 6 to 8 products that are customized for you. You can select from lifestyle to beauty products and in travel or regular size.  Check the webpage for more info about each product, since in these boxes you will find little new treasures.

Extra tip: It is a perfect choice for men and women.

Gift idea: You will become the best friend of everyone, if you choose cherrybox as their present.

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Stop acne now

New products that are worth trying

Meet azelaic acid! From personal experience i have to say that azalaic acid works. I have to also mention that you can find alot of natural ways to deal with acne, if it is at the start (lemon, honey, black sugar, are some of the products you can find in every house). This acid is definitely one you should know (and use). Why? It’s a unique hybrid of skin brightener and acne fighter. .