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An 80 year old accessory

Say yes to an Hermes scarve 

Hermes’s printed silk scarves were first created in 1937.  They all have the same form—a 90-by-90-cm square, or foulard, if you will—however there have been over 1500 designs by 100 designers, making them as much a collector’s piece of art as an accessory. You can wear it as a stylish choker, on your hair to add a Jackie O look, or even as a belt to your favorite pants or jeans and of course on your bag.

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Fragrance along 2 your sign

What perfume should you choose…to enhance your personality

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Alisa Kovtunova is introducing ARTBURO

Personalize your bag 

Exclusive hand printed Hermes bags. Artburo gives you the opportunity to co-create a little state of art that you can carry everywhere you go. Either you are a fan of the Birkin bag or the Kelly bag, you can choose and customize with a unique way your one of a kind bag. It is sure that fashion changes all the time, but for a women it is significant to own statement pieces, that are all time classic, and create a fashion trend. The Birkin Bag and it’s equally coveted predecessor, the Kelly Bag are handmade in Italy. Birkins are fitted with gold or palladium hardware to prevent tarnishing because these bags last for a long time.

The photos are by Anna Avramich

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