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Go crazy with the coloured shades

Enjoy the excellent vision with style 

60s shades

Coloured or shaded lenses have been on the market for quite some time. Fashion trends do drive this product and the palette available covers an impressive spectrum.

No longer do celebrities wear sunglasses that hide their beautiful eyes, but instead, they fly back to the trends of the 1960’s when John Lennon and Elton John wore vintage sunglasses with lightly colored tints. The vintage sunglasses look takes the idea of sunglasses hiding someone’s identity to look mysterious and brings it back to where it should be: a fashion statement through a groovy and fun look.

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Shoes for “sex and the city” #2

Shoes made by Sarah Jessica Parker
Back to where it all begun for Carrie Bradshaw- also goes with the name Sarah Jessica Parker. The coolest and most cosmo girl- woman…made her passion about shoes, her paycheck. Recently she was spoted to Carrie’s famous doorstep and she revealed her handmade SJP shoes. Interesting heels, with a sassy attitude. Manolo couldn’t stay apart from this idea, after all he owes her. That’s why the famius fashionista teamed up with Manolo Blahnik CEO, George Malkemus and the dream of a “simple shoe” line came true! Take a look..





Special thanks to SJP instagram and Pinterest!

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Two food trends for 2014 in-trending 4

Mind blowing food
100% bacon
A burger that utilizes an excess of bacon in every single aspect from the pure bacon patties to the



Waffle tacos
This treat doesn’t have a time..but during breakfast it’s a top choice.Filled with breakfast goodies, you can literally eat a well-balance breakfast while driving. Not that I’d condone eating and driving…le taco with ice’s supreme!