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Industrial homestyling

Interior lovers…your attention please

Warm metalls and 70 touches are some of the 2016 trends in homestyling, but industrial decor is one of our favorite style to use in your house.


For sure sometimes this style seems like our favorite cafeteria, or the dreamy New York loft that we always wanted, but industrial design is something more than that, it gives the opportunity to last decade pieces to be revitalized in a diy way.

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Cycle for girls

Unique bicycles for fashionable ladies 

steal the steal

The first one is the wooden Coco-mat. This minimalistic bikes is almost entirely made out of oak trees from Greece. For every bike sold, a tree will be planted and 150 euro will be donated to the Johan Cruijff Foundation.

The Cardboard bike, was invented by Izhar Garni. Once the bike is folded and cut from cardboard, it is dipped into a proprietary organic solution to make it strong, waterproof and fireproof.

The last one is made for the road ladies. The Road is a remarkable design bike and a Roetz classic. Great for cruising the city, doing your groceries or just for a fun ride

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Customized wooden shades by Angelos

The next best thing… in the eyewear world

anjo eyewear


For sure the “wooden effect” is a trend that has conquered the world of accessories. We all loved the wooden sunglasses the minute we saw them in the optical store or when our favorite fashion icon wore them. Even though the wooden eyewear is a unique piece that we all dream to own, fasionistas couldn’t find the right pair that matched perfectly with their colours and their face shape.

The answer to those, comes from the gifted Angelos, who is a new talented designer, borned in Cyprus and studied in Greece. A creative designer that got inspired with the “Anjo wooden sunglasses”, during the last year of his studies. Angelo always had a love for wood, since he was born in an environment that everything was “soaked” from the scent of wood and that is because his father is a carpenter. The moment the idea hit him, he started to inquire and set his path to make his dreams come true. The “Anjo eyewear” effect is this years most promising choice in the eyewear world. The different and interesting part of these shades is that you can customize your own frame and lence (12 italian lences). The final touch that makes you rock, is that you can co-design them (in a way), since you can add your name, a special phrase or date, on the side of the frame. In this way you can have a unique and personalized classic piece that has your personal signature.

Angelo wanted to create personalized eyewear, with impressive details, strong personality, high quality and warmness…and he did it! You will be amused as soon as you wear them, since every piece seems to be made just for you. The layering of the colours of the wood and the final touches are so properly combined that you just gotta have a pair of the Anjo wooden sunglasses. 

Where can you find them? 

As everything that is unique and special you can find them in specific optical stores in Limassol (Cyprus) and in Karditsa (Greece). The easiest way is to like them in their facebook page, make your choice and send them your message.


Stay tuned…there is more to see

Check the facebook page Anjo wooden sunglasses

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Decorate your home..according to the neutral trend

Styling tips that change your nest 

1. Stample goods pillow is one of my favorite things in the haul.

2. The standard good bins are great for our office to organize our bookshelf.

3. If you have a counter, then you  need barstools for additional seating.

4. The round mirror could also be a choice for the bathroom, but it looks good in the living- room to.

5. The throw on your couch is from H&M, and it gives a nice touch in your place.

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