Say it with a scent

Two birds in one stone! My favorite greek brand “Osphresis” launces their new soya candles that treat our soul and moisturize our skin at the same time. If your gifts for the Holiday season are supposed to carry a secret message, these candles give you the way to express your self succesfully! What are you waiting for?

For the ones that need to focus on finding their center

For the ones that need to make a change and refocus to what matters

For the ones that need to find theirself and evolve

For the ones that need to make time in order to gain precious moments with their friends

Soulcare Soy candles- Handpoured- Non toxic- Cruelty free

Find them In The Perfume Lab Pagrati.

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The 90s capsule..halter tops

The trend started since last summer, but as we witnessed in runaways and street styles, it’s here to stay and remind us the 90s effect in fashion. The halter top has different ways to express itself. Find one and try it! If your shoulders are an asset in your appearance, this is the way to make them absolutely fabulous!