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Eyebrow stamp makeup

The new way to have the perfect eyebrow shape 

The last years all women have been paying more attention to the eyebrow area, by tattooing it, or by using the products that enhance the shape and also gives a fuller look. The next best thing in the eyebrow area is the eyebrow stamp which makes it easier for you to add volume and shape to your eyebrows. The thing with the eyebrow tattoo is that everytime that you go out, when you wear your makeup, you have to re-do it, since it looks faded.

The stamp is not permanent but is used just like any other makeup tools like eyebrow pencils, stencils, and powder, so it will last you the whole day

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Gorgeous hair

Top products for amazing hair 

Besides using the rights shampoo and conditioner, you need to upgrade into getting the kind of bouncy, shiny tresses that turn heads on the street. You will need a full treatment that has to do with hair mask, living on conditioner, a mist to rehydrate, detangling spray, high gloss serum and more.

gorgeous hair

The above products can be found in Sephora


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Exelia Cosmetics

An evolutionary range of skin care cosmetics


Nature and science has been united and created small miracles to expand our youth and protect our skin. Besides having the proper diet in order to have a better skin and look more beautiful, you need the ideal “helper” to give the best chance for your looks. Organic olive is the main ingredient in this new line. The products created are face care, eye area care, special care( hydration, revitaling and firming serum) and cleansing and toning

exelia cosmetics

Always care for the others! The prevention and early diagnosis of three major threats to the health of today’s women, namely breast cancer, diabetes and eating disorders. For every product that is sold, 1 euro goes for the above causes.

brest cancer

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Beauty needs MILK

Evolutionary makeup products & more from this US brand

We have already talked about this trend…and we are so happy it is happening! Spray your nail polish, nice, easy and fabulous! The best with this is that you don’t need to have a steady hand or manixure skills, you just need your MILK. milk spray on nail polish

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The “milk girl” needs the following beauty products, which are easy to put on and to make yourself look beautiful but in a natural way. They are refreshing, playful and perfect for olive skins!


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Ast products …nothing ordinary to them

Quality handmade organic soaps 

A one of a kind greek brand which is entitled to offer us the proper beauty tips, to regenerate our skin with an organic and a natural way. AST products are no ordinary soaps, they are handmade natural body products that are maid with attention to detail and quality. They are rich in olive and almond oil and as soon as your skin comes in contact with them you feel how smooth it becomes and as the scent unfolds…you relax and enjoy it. We have to highlight that AST products  are suitable for every skin type and are made with non- toxic fragrances or colours.

Extra tip: AST products are the perfect gift idea for men and for women.

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Vogue supports Greece

Top greek products according to Vogue 

greece vogue

The american edition of the “Fashion bible”, Vogue, supports Greece and chooses the finest Greek exports that find a special place from our wardrobe to our table. Greece is an inspiration and an unstoppable cradle of creativity.

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12 cream blushes

Rogue your cheeks with the very best blushes!

Summer is here, which means it’s time to trade your powder blush for a sheer, glow-giving cream formula. The following are ideal for the summer, where we sweat. Peach, cool pink, romantic rose, pink coral and more.

Tip: The Chanel Cream Blush is a  cream formula, which Los Angeles makeup artist Jeannia Robinette uses on the star Gwyneth Paltrow and quotes that it “melts into skin beautifully.



Stop acne now

New products that are worth trying

Meet azelaic acid! From personal experience i have to say that azalaic acid works. I have to also mention that you can find alot of natural ways to deal with acne, if it is at the start (lemon, honey, black sugar, are some of the products you can find in every house). This acid is definitely one you should know (and use). Why? It’s a unique hybrid of skin brightener and acne fighter. .